The Cold Whale

The reality of ranching can sometimes be hard. You have to remember that you are working with living animals and sometimes things can happen. Over the weekend our ranch foreman, Kevin, had a cow that had eaten some barbed wire. She was in bad shape. I had no idea about her. I told Trent and their little cowboy to join me on a drive over to see Kevin's cows. We stumbled upon Kevin's sick cow laying down. Trent quickly explained to his little cowboy that this cow was hurt and not feeling well. The little cowboy was terribly concerned about the cow and you could see his wheels turning, just trying to think of what he could do to help her. We drove back over to our barn where Martye, Holly and the baby cowgirl were. The little cowboy ran up to his mommy (Holly) and said, "Mommy, Kevin's cow needs a cold whale." 

You see, a "cold whale" is a little ice pack in the shape of a whale that Holly and Trent keep in their freezer. Whenever this little cowboy bumps his head, falls down etc. they get the cold whale out of the freezer and place it on the hurt area of the body. The cold whale seems to be magical and helps the little cowboy feel better immediately (not to mention stops the crying). This little cowboy loves his cold whale! The thought of getting his cold whale for the cow was a sweet and caring gesture made by this two and a half year old. If only all problems could be solved with the cold whale....!