Texas Childhood

We are delighted to announce that the book, Texas Childhood is now available in the Provision House! This antique book is a great way to get actual history into the reader's hands. Texas Childhood was published in 1941 but still has a charm that will entertain anyone! We have a very limited number of these books in stock. 

The book, Texas Childhood, as we mentioned before (here) was written by Martye's third cousin, Evelyn Miller Crowell. It's a book that she wrote about growing up in Dallas, Tx. She lived in the Millermore Mansion that her grandfather built in1845. Evelyn was the daughter of the Lt. Governor of Texas, Barry Miller.

Here are a few of the press comments from the back of the book:

"Evelyn Miller Crowell, the daughter of Barry Miller, had the sort of childhood about which many Texans dream... Mrs. Crowell tells poignantly about it in a brief book of sketches, Texas Childhood, which adds a piquant touch to our growing store of Texan." - Houston Post

"These memories of a little girl who was born and grew up with the century in Dallas probably are universal enough in their warm humanity to appeal to readers of varying ages and localities. As a contribution to Dallas history, Mrs. Crowell's book is a must item." -Dallas Morning News

"The size of this book is quite misleading because it conceals a charming nostalgia for a phase of Texas that is all but gone. The author has really done a marvelous job in recreating the imagery of her childhood and of a noble life which it may not be possible for any of us to live in the future, for her life was romantic as a child. It has the simple romance of real life as contrasted with the grandeur and sweet of the Gone With The Wind presentation of life in the south."                                      - Dr. Joseph A. Brandt, President of the University of Oklahoma