Rancher School

Things were falling into place with the ranch, we had our barn apartment, we had purchased more land, we had a few cows but I felt like it was time that I learn more about ranching.  I’d be the first to admit that I didn’t know everything there was to know about ranching. I needed and wanted to learn more. So, I enrolled in a semester of Ranch Management at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX.

Every Wednesday evening I would make the drive from Dallas over to Fort Worth for the three hour class. There were about 30-40 students in my class including: older ladies, well-known ranchers, wanna-be ranchers, ranchers, and then just students who needed an elective (in fact B.J. Thomas’ son in-law was in my class). The classes were very informative and touched on subjects such as grass, beef-cattle, bookkeeping and nutrition. I was the most interested in learning about grass and beef-cattle. It was here that I realized that a good ranchman is a good grass man. I began to study the native grasses at the Double S Ranch in order to figure out how we could give our cattle the best grass possible. I spoke with the professor and received advice about our newer property on FM 919. This property was so damaged that I wanted to get the grasses right on the land. We weren’t going to be able to graze cows there with the condition that the land was in when we first purchased. The professors’ advice was extremely helpful. Looking back the classes at TCU gave me confidence and an edge that helped me get the new land on track.