The Foreman

In 2005 David let it be known that it was time for the Double S Ranch to stand on it’s own two feet. Overtime we had bought some ranch equipment and we felt that we were ready to stand on our own as well.  However, we wanted someone who lived locally to help keep an eye on the place while we were back in the city.

David knew a man who was looking for a part time job as a ranch foreman. This was a bonus because not only would we have someone who would be able to look after our ranch, but he could also help with the day to day ranch work.  The man’s name was Kevin. Kevin works as a parole officer in Graham, TX but he lives with his family in Palo Pinto. He is a real cowboy.  Kevin is a hard working, no non-sense kind of guy with a quiet demeanor. But don’t let that fool you, with the size of his fists you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that fight! For a man who can wrestle a hog and tie it up with his bare hands he sure does melt when it comes to his wife and two daughters. We are really fortunate to have him as a part of the Double S Ranch. He is extremely trustworthy and knowledgable. Without him I’m not sure we would be a “working” ranch.