A Quality Steak

Growing up all of my friends loved a steak and potatoes dinner. I never could understand it! Steak and potatoes dinner for me consisted of a not so baked potato and a past well-done steak medallion with bacon wrapped around it. My throat was more dry than someone living in the Sahara!

 My brothers and I would complain and ask for A-1 or at least barbecue sauce, to which my dad would reply, "you don't need sauce or seasoning on quality steaks, it speaks for itself." Hearing this gave me more reason to think that my friends were crazy or that they had no taste buds. It wasn't until college that I learned what a rib bye, proper seasoning and grilling techniques really were all about. My whole world was turned upside down with this new information. From then on whenever my dad said that we were grilling steaks I made sure to be outside to supervise (actually I would see if somehow I could take over the tongs and the grill) in order to guarantee myself a tasty dinner. I would also drop subtle grilling tips to my dad, hoping he would wake up to figure out how to grill a steak. This was a losing proposition until he started ranching, and studying different cuts of beef, the grass fed movement and what consumers want in meat. Now I can trust him to grill a quality, great tasting, grass fed steak! Somehow Dad was right after all, quality Double S steaks really do speak for themselves!

- Trent Simmons