Brush Control

When we purchased our ranch it was completely covered with mesquite and cedar trees, along with other assorted cross timber brush. It sounds crazy... but to be totally honest we weren't really sure what our land looked like because it was so covered up! You would be out on the ranch and get completely lost because you couldn't see a thing through all the brush! Not only could we not see our land, but these pesky trees compete with rangeland grasses for moisture. They crowd out the native grasses and marginalize the available grazing land. It's a huge problem if you are in the cattle business! We had to do something! In 2008 with the help of the county extension office, we started a major brush control initiative. The county extension office provided a complete analysis of our ranch and recommended the areas of land that would benefit from the removal of the mesquite and cedar trees. We hired several independent contractors to start bulldozing the brush. Unfortunately, we had to work through a couple of bad experiences before we got the right guy to help us do the heavy lifting. It was a long and slow process. Every time we would go out to check on the progress a little bit more of the land would be revealed and we could finally start seeing our dream come true!