Meet Bluebonnet

Every good rancher needs a trusted companion, someone who is excited to jump in the truck and go every time. Someone who will walk hours across farmland and never once complain that their feet hurt. Someone who keeps watch for danger and someone who can look at you and you know what they are thinking. That someone for me is my chocolate lab Bluebonnet. My family surprised me with her at the ranch for my birthday eight years ago. The sweet chocolate lab puppy was only 5 weeks old and had the bluest eyes that I'd ever seen. Therefore, I named her Bluebonnet,  we call her Blue for short. She is my ranch buddy and if for some reason I leave for the ranch without her she will let you know her feelings with the saddest, most pathetic look on her face.  Blue is an icon at the Double S and I couldn't imagine the ranch without her.