An Unlikely Snake... I Mean Scene

We usually think of snakes being out at the ranch. We see rattlesnakes out there often during the spring and summer, but low and behold this morning my wife saw a snake in the most unusual place.... the Dallas Galleria Mall! Martye meets her sister there early in the mornings to walk and get  some "exercise" (although I know she really goes to check out the latest fashions in the windows, drink coffee and think of ways to spend more money). Anyhow, this morning while walking they saw what appeared to be a rat snake. Dallas women, have no fear... The security guard trapped the snake and disposed of it. He told Martye that the snake had been loose in a store since Sunday and they had been trying to catch it. Apparently the vermin had arrived in one of the store's boxes of inventory! Imagine being the one who opened up that box.