A New Sketch

Funny when and where sketch ideas come to me.

Yesterday, I got a call from one of our sons and he was having car trouble.  Needless to say, we nursed his car to the repair shop sometime after dark. Afterwards, I dropped him off at his house. I know he and his wife were extremely frustrated.  Spending money on your car is probably the last thing a young family wants or needs, especially around Christmas.

When I got home Martye had dinner waiting for me.  She made us two glasses of iced tea and put our plates on the table while I washed up.  We sat down and I said grace.  She immediately asked about their car, and of course her Momma/Grandmother instincts kicked in.  "Since they only have one car," she stated, "what If one of their babies gets sick tonight how will they get to the doctor?"  Her comment was more of a statement than a question. I took a sip of tea and let her statement hang in the air for a few seconds.  I finally said, "They'll call us".   We finished up, cleaned the table and loaded the plates into the dishwasher.

After dinner, oddly enough, all I could think about was the "babysitter momma cow."   If you have ever been around cattle then you know what I'm talking about.  Maybe it was Martye's statement about her grandbabies coupled with the fact that our cows are calving right now that got me thinking that way. I got my pad and pencil out.  I still have many more hours to work on this one but I think I'll name it "The Baby Sitter." 

By the way... I got a call from my son later in the evening.  The mechanic had fixed their car and it was already back in their driveway.   Martye would be able to sleep.