A Simmons Family Christmas Recap

This year we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve morning with all three of our sons, daughter in-laws, our four little cowboys and two cowgirls. It was a blast! That morning everyone came to our house. Christmas is not complete without the movie "White Christmas" playing in the background. It's a Simmons family tradition and even some of the little cowboys enjoyed watching parts of it!  

We gathered around the dining room table and shared a delicious breakfast that Martye had prepared. Martye was so excited for the little cowboys and baby cowgirls to open their gifts that she finally told two of our sons to stop talking and finished their breakfast! I can't blame her though, there is such joy that comes from children at Christmas time, especially when they open up gifts! When breakfast was over we continued our tradition and signed our names on the white table cloth. We transitioned into the den where we exchanged Christmas gifts. The cowboys loved tearing through the wrapping paper to find trucks, tractors, trains, a grill set, farm animals  etc. The baby cowgirls (11 months and 5 months) enjoyed their new dolls, books, a tea set and clothes. The joy on the children's faces was priceless! The boys even loved helping Martye and I open our gift from our sons and daughter in-laws! A new set of steak knives to commemorate the sell of our grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Such a thoughtful gift. We enjoyed each other's company throughout the morning and into the early afternoon as the cowboys ran around playing with their trucks and tractors doing work. It was indeed a special Christmas for us all! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas as well!


Click on the image below to see a few pictures from our Christmas!