Alternative Income... What Is The 2S Ranch Doing?

Many Texas ranchers are leasing their land to outside hunters as a source of alternative income as detailed here. The drought has been hard on everybody. At the 2S Ranch, we strive to provide our consumers with the best quality beef possible. To much "gun fire" around cattle can cause stress which negatively effects beef quality. Additionally, we take no chances lead/steel from ammunition ever gets embedded in the hide of our cattle. This may cause an abscess compromising the eventual quality of our beef products. Having been certified in the Texas and Oklahoma Beef Quality Assurance Programs, I am not too keen on opening up the 2S to outside hunters.

As a way to bring in additional income, we will be expanding our successful ranch online store, "The Provision House" in 2015. Many more products that we create, use, or have tried at the ranch will be available to our followers. I am excited to say....our first retail shop in the Metroplex will open in the summer of 2015. "The Provision House" Shop will be where our Metroplex customers pick up their 2S grass finished steaks, ground meat, and other great ranch products. Please consider inviting your Facebook friends to follow the 2S Ranch on FB and on the web. 


 The Simmons Family