The Saddle

The Lonesome Dove Hotel is the name of the guest house at the Double S Ranch.   The hotel was four guest bedrooms and a living area. Each bedroom has a theme.  Over the years we have collected historical items from vintage chaps, rifles, flags, maps, Republic of Texas currency, spurs, branding irons, a buffalo mounted head and an old western saddle.  The saddle takes up a lot of space.  Martye wanted me to mount the saddle on a wall.   The saddle for years rested in a chair in one of the bedrooms at the Hotel.

Using a wire and PVC pipe, I crafted a way to suspend the saddle.  After working and measuring and such I finally got the saddle suspended in the Spindletop Oil Heritage Bedroom.  I was pretty proud of the solution that I crafted and called for Martye to come check it out.

Martye to Me:  "I really like how you have suspended the saddle.  However.... you mounted it in the wrong bedroom.  The saddle needs to be in the Texas Frontier Fort Bedroom, not the Spindletop Oil Heritage Bedroom.   Oh and when you take it down I'll wrap the PVC pipe in burlap.

Me to Martye:  "Didn't they ride horses when Spindletop was discovered?" 

I immediately palmed to face and began to take the saddle down.