Ranch Issues

There are lots of issues that come along with ranching. Obvious issues that pertain to cattle, the land, water, weather etc. However, sometimes there are other issues, such as your fence being taken out.

That's just what we had to deal with this weekend. Someone ran off the road with their vehicle and took out about 70 feet of our six-strand barbed wire fence. They didn't try to find us or leave a message. They pulled their vehicle off our property and left with the fence down.  Thank the Lord that none of our cattle got out, that could have been a real disaster or resulted in a terrible accident. Just think, if a car is going 60 MPH and hits a 1,000 pound cow... well, it's just horrendous. Our ranch foreman spent most of last Saturday re-stringing the fence. We did find part of the vehicle's bumper on the ranch. This isn't the first time someone has run through our fence. It's just one of those issues that is unforeseen and we have to take care of.