Wildlife At The Double S

The Double S Ranch is a full operating cow/calf ranch. That is our main focus.  In addition, the ranch has much wildlife.  We often see dove, turkey and deer.  We work to be good stewards of the land and feel a responsibility to provide the right environment for our wildlife.  We have ample forbs and browse for the deer to feed on.  Our grasses provide a safe fawning area for the doe and nesting  for the turkey.   Trees along the seasonal creeks provide roosting for the turkey and cover for the dove.  Our tanks have been a good source of water for all the wildlife, those that migrate like the dove as well as for the wildlife that is indigenous to the area.   We do hunt in areas of the ranch that are not occupied by our cattle. Our hunting is in a very responsible and safe way.  We have feeders and stands. The feeders broadcast corn several times a day.  I recently checked on the feeders to be sure they were all operational.  Everything looks good.