Prepared- Pot Roast

A chef prepared meal in ten minutes is a dream come true! We're always trying new things with our grass-finished beef and our latest is this chef prepared pot roast. All you have to do is heat the bag in boiling water for 10 minutes and your dinner is ready! The bag includes, 2SRanch grass-finished roast, organic carrots, celery & onions. This meal serves approximately 4 people. You've gotta try it! 

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Loading Doc

Here is the loading doc at our ranch store, The Provision House in Dallas, Texas. Have you ever seen anything so clean? Think about other meat companies and their loading docs. Think about the imported meats and the conditions under which those meats are loaded and shipped. Is your meat coming from a trusted and reliable source? 



Fencing across seasonal creeks can be an issue for cattle ranchers. We put up a six string barbwire fence. As the water flows into the creek bed the fence will be pushed open by the flowing water. Once the water stops flowing the fence will close. The tension wires on the top keep the fence closed.