Bone Broth

Grass-Fed/ Finished bone broth benefits your health in so many ways! It helps protect joints, maintain healthy skin, hair & nails, supports the immune system and is good for the gut. On a cold day like today, drink up!


The Garth House

We are thrilled to supply the beef for The Garth House, Mickey Mehaffy Children's Advocacy Program, Inc. charity event this week!

The Garth House opened in June, 1991. It provides an environment, which reflects the physical and emotional atmosphere of a home, rather than that of clinic or an institution. Children who may have been sexually or physically abused are referred to the Garth House by law enforcement and Child Protective Services. They have interviewed over 11,400 alleged victims over the past years. The investigative agencies work as a team. The Garth House provides counseling for our young victims and their non-offending family members. Garth House currently serves Southeast Texas with locations in Beaumont, Kirbyville, Orange and Woodville.


A Big Reason

A big reason we transformed our ranch into a grass-fed/finished beef operation is for our own family. It is important to us that our sons, daughter in-laws and grandchildren have a trusted source for healthy meats. When it comes to what is best for our family, we don't mess around!